Dear Easter Bunny

If I were a betting man (or woman), I’d put money on Puppy growing up to be an entepreneur. She’s smart, tenacious and definitely has the perseverance necessary to make a go of anything she sets her mind to. I was reminded of this a couple of days ago when Puppy wrote the following letter:

Dear Easter Bunny.

Hi, my name is Puppy. What is your name? Can I ask you some questions? Good. The first question is: How much kids do you visit on Easter night? 2: Are you really busy? 3: Do you visit your family ever? 4: Do you live with your family? 5: Where do you live? 6: Have kids ever seen you? 7: Are you real?

Please write back to me and answer my questions.

From, Puppy

Knowing the Easter Bunny wouldn’t respond, I  told her the Easter Bunny was waaaaaay too busy to answer letters, but she insisted on leaving the letter on the mantle.

The next morning, Puppy popped out of bed, certain a response from the Easter Bunny would be waiting.

But the only thing there was her letter, unopened. I pointed out that the Easter Bunny only visits on Easter and suggested that it might be unreasonable to expect two visits from the Easter Bunny in one year.  “But I know the Easter Bunny will answer me Mom. I just know it!” That night, she repositioned the letter on the mantle to make sure the Easter Bunny could see it.

The look on her face the next morning when she realized the Easter Bunny hadn’t found or responded to her letter was heartbreaking. But she wasn’t ready to give up just yet. So off to school she went.

This pattern repeated itself again this morning, but Puppy refuses to give up. I suspect the Easter Bunny has taken note of her determination. I have it on good authority that when she goes to bed tonight, she’ll find a letter under her pillow that reads something like this:

Dear Puppy,

Thank you for your note. I love getting letters from kids! It’s not very often that I have the time to answer them, but you asked such great questions I just couldn’t resist pulling out my typewriter. (You probably don’t know what that is: ask your Mom or Dad).

My name, of course is Easter Bunny. First name Easter, last name Bunny. You were probably thinking “The” was my first name, with Easter being the middle and Bunny being the last, and that’s what I go by, but my bunny certificate simply reads “Easter Bunny.” As for how many kids I visit, I stopped counting many, many generations ago. But one thing I can tell you for sure is this: it’s a lot!

Visiting so many children keeps me very, very busy. I usually sleep for at least a week after Easter just to recover. I don’t have to go visit my family, because they all live here at Easter Springs with me! Please don’t tell anyone where I live; the last thing I want is reporters showing up at my door day and night. All of their questions would take me away from my work, you know.

Anyway, back to your questions. After I recover from my Easter deliveries, I start planning for the next year. It’s quite an operation to design and produce so many eggs and gifts!

It’s hard to say if I’ve ever been seen. I sincerely hope not and do my very best to make sure I don’t do any deliveries until I’m sure the children are already asleep. As far as I know, I’ve never been caught in the act!

And, finally, your last questions: am I real?

That, my dear, is a question you must answer yourself. I will leave you with this carrot of wisdom: always trust your heart, because it will never lead you down the wrong garden path.

Happy hopping,

The Easter Bunny

p.s. as much as I’d love to carry on this wonderful correspondence, I’ve got to turn my attention to next year’s eggs; I’m sure you understand?

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2 Responses to “Dear Easter Bunny”

  1. Awesome, Jess. Thank you.

  2. Awesome, just awesome…I knew you wouldn’t let Puppy go another day without a response from the Easter Bunny. Nice work!

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