East Bunny Follow-up

Those of you who read my blog yesterday know that I had it on good authority that Puppy was going to find a letter from the Easter Bunny under her pillow last night. And sure enough, she did. After heading for bed, Puppy came running into the living room, screaming with delight and waving the letter wildly. She curled up on the couch to read it with a huge smile plastered on her face. After she finished, she jumped off the couch. “I’ve got to go check my bed!” she yelled.

“Why?” I was baffled.

“The Easter Bunny said he left me a carrot!”

That’s when I had to explain that the expression “a carrot of wisdom” was a bunny twist on the idiom “a pearl of wisdom.”

“You’re probably right, Mom,” Puppy said, “but I better check my bed just to make sure!”

(And just for the record, the Bunny Rabbit would definitely left a carrot under her pillow if he (or she) had been smart enough to think of it!)


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2 Responses to “East Bunny Follow-up”

  1. you’re a good writer jessica. keep it up. I enjoy reading them.

  2. Thanks Bryce! The girls make my job easy!

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