About Me

I started writing stories in third grade.IMG_2684

By middle school, I’d moved on to poems. This one, written in sixth grade, was read years later by my homeroom teacher during a high school commencement speech.IMG_2681

When I was asked to write an essay for the Harbrace College Handbook my senior year of college, I toyed with the idea of writing full-time.

Somehow, life got in the way (as it often does) and I instead embarked on a business career that culminated in obtaining an MBA at Columbia Business School. While at CBS, I took a class called Creativity and Personal Mastery and was assigned the task of identifying my ideal career.

The result?

Writing, of course!

After trying my hand at picture books, young adult novels, and contemporary middle grade stories, I finally found my passion writing dark fantasy for ten to fourteen-year-old readers (and adults who know the best stories are all written for children).

Fun Facts