Fall Reflections

The Rabbit’s Gift is finally out on shelves (and in readers’ hands); celebrating this book has been a joy! Some of the highlights include:

*A virtual launch event with the fabulous author Anne Ursu (if you missed it, you can catch the recording here)
*An in-person launch event with live rabbits
*Connecting with readers, schools, librarians, and booksellers

Another big highlight was traveling to NCTE in Anaheim to discuss middle grade books on a panel with Karen Strong, Chrystal Giles, Laurel Snyder, and Kelly Yang! I connected with so many great teachers and authors (pictured below: Tae Keller, Reese Eschmann, Ann Braden, Megan E. Freeman, and Chrystal Giles), and I even nabbed a photo in the HarperCollins booth!

The fall was also filled with podcast appearances and interviews; you can find links to many of them here!

Before I sign off, a few notes:

  1. If you’re looking for gifts for the holiday season, signed copies of The Rabbit’s Gift are available at Talking Leaves Books (U.S.) and Words Worth Books (Canada)
  2. For those of you wondering how you can help support your favorite authors (thank you) even if purchasing a book isn’t in your budget, there’s a lot you can do! Here are a few suggestions:

If you’ve already read The Rabbit’s Gift, it would mean the world to me if you’d add a review to Amazon (or your favorite book retailer) and/or Goodreads–this helps move the book up in the algorithms and find more readers.

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The Balbusso Twins did it again!

When it came to the cover for my second book (coming 10/25/22), I couldn’t imagine how they would be able to top the stunning cover for my first book:

I shouldn’t have worried; the twins designed a cover that was perfect for a companion novel; it pays homage to the world I created in The Wolf’s Curse while capturing the vivid fairy tale feel (and unique mythology) of The Rabbit’s Gift.

To learn more about the story, check out my official cover reveal on MG Book Village!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this book (or just want to know how you can support me), you can preorder copies online and with all your favorite book retailers!

(Not familiar with preorders? It means you order your copy now, and it’s delivered as soon as the book is released. Preorders are incredibly important to authors in that they give publishers an indicator of how much enthusiasm there is for any given title, thus helping them gauge how much support to throw behind an author.)

Thank you for your support!