It’s That Time Again . . .

With my second book set to publish this fall, I’m gearing up for another busy season! But before I get to all of that, here are a few highlights from my summer.

My family experienced the adventure of a lifetime when we sailed a 40-year-old boat from Connecticut to Toronto. Despite being plagued by delays of all kinds, we managed to squeeze in plenty of fun, including a stop in Manhattan, where I got to tour the HarperCollins offices and meet my editor for the very first time.

I also got to preview audiobook narrators, and let me just say: the audio for The Rabbit’s Gift is going to be so cool! There will be two narrators–one for each point of view! (Preorders available here)


I’m thrilled to share that my publisher is giving away 10 advanced reader copies! Enter here! (But don’t wait–the giveaway ends August 13th!)



I’m excited to share that I’m partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters to put books into the hands of children from the program. To learn more about how and why this partnership came about, click here.


If you’re able to support this cause, I’ll send you a small thank you gift as a token of my appreciation! (Offer good until September 25th, or where supplies last, US/Canada only.)



  • I’ll be doing a ton of virtual and in-person appearances this fall. Keep an eye on the “Appearances” page of my website for details!
  • I LOVE doing virtual and in-person school visits and teaching craft classes! Learn how to schedule me here.
  • The Wolf’s Curse will be available in paperback on September 20th! Place your preorder here!



I have some very exciting news coming soon* … stay tuned!

*Soon being relative in the publishing industry. Be sure to sign up for the blog to make sure you don’t miss any exciting updates!

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