Magic in the Middle

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What should I do with your videos?
My hope is that you’ll share them with your students or young readers to get them excited about a book they might otherwise not have read or known about. (But it’s also okay if you are here because you’re one of those adults who knows the best books are all written for kids!)

How often will I get emails?
I’ll share a new book talk on the first Wednesday of each month. On the third Wednesday of each month, I may send out a brief update on any news related to my upcoming novel, The Wolf’s Curse. Don’t worry, I’ll only email if I have something particularly exciting to share! (Cover reveals, launch party news, etc.)

Will your book talks always be about fantasy books geared for 10-14 year old readers?
Probably! Upper middle grade fantasy is my sweet spot, although I may sneak in books from another genre from time to time if I feel especially passionate about them.

Can I send you a copy of my upper middle grade fantasy for inclusion in the program?
I am not accepting books at this time; because there are so few slots available, I want to be sure each book is selected solely on the basis of my enthusiasm for the story.

How can I access videos from past newsletters?
You can find all of my videos on YouTube!